Camouflage your vitiligo patches with vitiligo makeup

Once summer is over, the white patches caused by vitiligo are more visible.  Vitiligo Makeup is a good option, if you want to camouflage these patches.

Abedul Productos Farmacéuticos offers two different vitiligo makeup solutions: as a gel (for small patches) and as a spray (for larger areas with hair). Both products come in a number of shades: light for light-coloured skin (phototypes I-II); medium for medium skin types (phototype III) and strong for dark skins (phototype IV).

Unlike other solutions, this is not precisely a self-tanning product, but instead it produces a chemical reaction on the outer layer of the skin, to give a more natural tan. This is because Tanvitil has been specifically designed for people with vitiligo.

It’s also important to let your skin recover after the excesses of summer. As the sun, seawater, pool chlorine all attack and dry your skin, once summer is over, you should ideally spend a few weeks stepping up your skin hydration, looking to use neutral soap, avoiding hot showers and aggressive cosmetics.

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