Makeup or toner? Cover your vitiligo patches!

Different options are available to people who are looking to conceal the white patches caused by vitiligo: from conventional makeup to products specifically developed to suit the tone of their skin and its characteristics, like the toner Tanvitil.

The vitiligo toner Tanvitil darkens the outer layer of the skin until it renews. The colour remains for approximately three days, but if your skin is properly hydrated, it can stay even longer.

It is important to choose the right tone for your skin phototype. There are three different tones: Light for fair skin (phototypes I and II), Medium for skins between the extremes (phototypes III and IV) and Dark for dark brown skins (phototypes V and VI).

You can ask for our range of samples to make sure you get the right tone. You can ask for these samples absolutely free of charge from mainland Spain and Portugal.

In future articles, we will tell the correct way to apply the product, which is without doubt the key to achieving the desired result.

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