How to choose your tone

Select the tone that best suits your skin: Light: for clear phototypes (I and II), Medium: for more intermediate tones (III, IV and V) and Dark: for dark skin phototypes (V or VI).

Phototype I

People with very pale skin, generally redheads, with skin that almost always burns, hardly ever tans, and who often have photoallergic reactions to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Phototype II

People with white, sensitive and delicate skin, generally with blonde or fair hair. As with people of phototype I, they tan with difficulty and have photoallergic reactions to prolonged exposure to the sun .

Phototype III

This is the most common and covers people with brown hair and darker white skin that first goes red and then tans after exposure to the sun.

Phototype IV

This is for people with dark or black hair and light brown skin that tans easily when exposed to direct sunlight.

Phototype V

People whose skin is darker than in phototype IV.

Phototype VI

Dark skin. Typically known as people of colour.

There is a Tanvitil for you…
Choose between gel or spray application

Tanvitil gel, recommended for small patches.
Tanvitil spray, recommended for large areas.

Choose the best tone for you skin type

Light, medium or dark.

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