Makeup for vitiligo

Latest research, reviews and news about vitiligo

Makeup or toner? Cover your vitiligo patches!

Different options are available to people who are looking to conceal the white patches caused by vitiligo: from conventional makeup to products specifically developed to suit the tone of their skin and its characteristics, like the toner Tanvitil.
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The sun is here… conceal your vitiligo patches

With the arrival of the sunshine comes the eternal debate… is sun exposure advisable if I have vitiligo? Whilst it is clear that tanning makes the white patches caused by vitiligo more obvious, some dermatologists recommend controlled sun exposure, protecting the non-affected areas with a higher factor sunscreen and controlling exposure times to prevent burns.

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Loneliness, a risk factor for skin diseases

Dermatologists have been giving this warning for a long time: our skin reflects our health. This is what a new study has shown, carried out by the Aragon Institute for Health Sciences, which highlights the need to perform holistic treatment on dermatological patients.

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