General terms of sale

These General Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy regulate the use of the Website (hereinafter “the Website”), which belongs to Abedul Productos Farmacéuticos S.L. (hereinafter “Abedul”), with Tax Identification Code (CIF): B71011720 and registered offices at Polígono la Estrella C/ Berroa Nave 6, 31192 Tajonar (Navarra, Spain).

Through its website, Abedul provides information about its products and makes it possible to purchase them. Due to the contents and purpose of the Website, any individual who wishes to make use of its services must be a “Customer”, a status acquired by completing the registration form and following the instructions provided by Abedul by email. Customer status implies adherence to the version of the Terms of Use published at the time at which the Website is accessed.

In all events, certain pages of the Website can be accessed by natural or legal persons without registering or initiating a purchase process (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). Those Users who access the aforementioned parts of the Website agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in these General Terms insofar as they may be applicable to them.

Abedul wishes to inform its Customers and Users that its Website is aimed exclusively at over-16s and that the territory in which it accepts and distributes orders is as listed in Annex 1. If a user is interested in receiving an article at a location not indicated on the Website, he/she should contact Abedul using the contact form or by sending an email to We will study your request and let you know what we can do. CONTACT: Please email any questions, queries and suggestions you may have to

Information about products

The information given on each product, the product photographs or videos displayed and the tradenames, trademarks or distinctive marks of all kinds contained on Abedul’s website are provided on for guidance purposes only.


All the product prices listed on the Website include VAT and all other applicable taxes. These prices, however, do not include shipping costs, which are listed separately and must be accepted by the Customer.


Abedul informs its Customers that the number of product units available is kept up to date on the basis of stock and the availability indicated by its suppliers. Under no circumstances would Abedul intentionally display for sale more product units than it has or its supplier has reserved for it.

Abedul will do everything within its means to please all its Customers in terms of product demand. On occasions, however, and due to causes beyond Abedul’s reasonable control, such as human errors or computer system incidents, the quantity of products finally supplied by the supplier may differ from the order made by Abedul in order to meet its Customers’ orders.

Should a product not be available after a Customer has placed an order, he/she will be informed as to the total or partial cancellation of his/her order by email. Partial cancellation due to lack of availability does not give rise to the right to cancel the entire order. If as a result of such cancellation, the Customer wishes to return the product delivered, he/she must do so according to the provisions of the section Return.

Payment methods

 The Customer agrees to pay at the time of placing the order. The relevant shipping costs will be added to the initial price of each of the products on offer shown on the Website. In all events, the Customer will be informed as to these costs before completing the checkout process.

The receipt or proof of purchase corresponding to the purchase order will be available and can be viewed on in “My account”, “Orders”.

The Customer must pay the amount corresponding to his/her order by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and/or similar), PayPal or by direct transfer or deposit to the relevant account at a La Caixa bank branch office. The card with which payment is made must have been issued by a Spanish bank or savings bank.

Payment by card is conducted through REDSYS, using its security protocols. The Customer should notify Abedul as to any undue or fraudulent charge made to the card used to make purchases by email or telephone as soon as possible in order that Abedul may take the necessary action.


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