What is a toner?

Toners are not conventional self-tanning products. They are developed specifically for people with vitiligo. They produce a chemical reaction on the outer layer of the skin, thus achieving a more natural looking tan.

What studies are there that show that TANVITIL is effective and safe to use?

Tanvitil Gel and Spray are products for depigmented skins which have been dermatologically tested on people with a tendency to suffer from vitiligo, demonstrating their effects through a
clinical studies (Patch test, Het Cam, Challenge test)

How to apply Tanvitil?

You can watch in this video how to apply Tanvitil gel and Tanvitil spray.

How can I prevent the lotion from colouring areas I don’t want it to?

Leave at least one millimetre between the application area and the pigmented skin to allow the colour to extend only within the patch and protect the periphery of the depigmented patch with Vaseline.
If contact with eyes occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Does it stain clothing?

Remember Tanvitil can leave stains on clothing due to temporary pigmentation, especially when the skin is damp. In any case, traces of Tanvitil on clothing or blankets can be removed with a single wash.

How long will the effect last?

Tanvitil pigmentation may degrade days after application due to cell renewal, and such degradation may be delayed if the area is kept moisturised. Depending on each person and each type of skin, the effects of a single application of Tanvitil can last 3-6 days.

Will it darken my hair?

If the toner will be applied on the hair remember that Tanvitil does not permanently pigment hair because the pigments do not stick to it.

How to select the tone that best suits your skin?

There are three tones: Light: for clear phototypes (I and II), Medium: for more intermediate tones (III, IV and V) and Dark: for dark skin phototypes (V or VI). More information

There is a Tanvitil for you…
Choose between gel or spray application

Tanvitil gel, recommended for small patches.
Tanvitil spray, recommended for large areas.

Choose the best tone for you skin type

Light, medium or dark.

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