Time for a swim! . . . Can I wear vitiligo makeup?

Summer’s arrived, bringing with it days spent at the pool and on the beach. But… what happens if I use cover-up makeup for my vitiligo? Can I still swim in the sea or pool?

The answer is that of course you can! Provided that you take the necessary precautions. Our vitiligo makeup solutions, available as a gel or spray, need to be applied at least three hours before going into the water.

What’s more, you need to realise that our vitiligo makeup doesn’t have a sun protection factor. So you must apply a specific sunscreen at least twenty minutes before sunbathing.
Before applying the gel or spray, it’s important to really moisturise the area and to test a small patch until you’re sure that the result’s OK.

Use Vaseline to protect the area around the edge of the patch where the makeup is to be applied. Leave at least 1 millimetre approximately between the application area and the pigmented skin, so that the colour is only extended within the patch.

Vitiligo gel makeup should be applied with a brush, while sprays should be applied at a distance of some 8-10 cm from your skin.
Remember that the colour will appear 3 to 4 hours after application and that you need to wait at least three hours before going for a swim.

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